3 things to buy before the breast augmentation surgery

3 things to buy before the breast augmentation surgery

16th Oct 2019


The breast augmentation surgery is among the most sought-after procedures by women worldwide. Women can get larger, perkier, more alluring breasts by undergoing this procedure. It is the only effective method that can deliver permanent results that we have available nowadays when it comes to increasing the size of the breasts. The procedure can be performed with the patient’s own fat or silicone or saline solution implants. The most popular option is the breast augmentation with silicone implants. 

The procedure entails the use of the external prosthesis that are inserted into the breasts by using small incisions created in the axilla, around the areola or in the infra mammary fold. The procedure can take up to two hours and the recovery period is of ten to fourteen days, during the time the patient is advised to get time off work and avoid physically demanding activities.

Here are three things that patients resorting to the breast augmentation procedure should buy before undergoing the intervention:


  1.   Sports bras

After getting breast implants, the breasts will need support and compression, so going braless after a breast augmentation is never a good idea as this can alter the beautiful results achieved with the procedure. Even before the procedure is performed the patient should consult with the plastic surgeon and buy a few special post-op bras or sports bra. The plastic surgeon can offer valuable advice in terms of fitting and the right size and also what materials and brands are preferable. Keep in mind that this bra needs to be worn non-stop after the procedure is performed for a few weeks and after this only during the day, so it is important to be a quality product. 


  1.   Lots of pillows

After the breast augmentation with implants is performed, patients are not allowed to rest on the tummy or the sides of the body for at least a few weeks post-op. This means that sleeping and resting on the back is preferable. This can get quite uncomfortable, especially during the first few days post-op when the patient will spend most of the time in bed with only short walks every couple of hours, so lots of pillows can help with making your rest and even sleep more comfortable. Use the pillows to keep your upper body in a slightly elevated position if you find this more comfortable.


  1.   Thermometer

If you don’t have it in the house already, you need to buy a thermometer before the breast augmentation surgery. One of the most severe complications that can occur in the first few days post-op is an infection. To prevent this, the plastic surgeon should prescribe antibiotics for five days post-op. However, the patient is required to carefully monitor his temperature over the first two to three days post-op when the risk is higher. Keep in mind that high fever associated with intense pain, pus coming from the incisions site and redness in the area can be a sign of infection and medical attention is required immediately. 

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