Are butt implants similar to breast implants?

Are butt implants similar to breast implants?

17th Feb 2020


Breast augmentation with implants is the second most performed plastic surgery procedure in the world. Many people know some or all the details entailed by the procedure, even if they are not personally interested in undergoing the procedure. This is normal as there is a consistent flow of information everywhere around us on topics related to plastic surgery, and we are exposed to this topic through the life of the celebrities daily.

Probably because of the popularity of breast implants, many patients interested in getting butt implants want to know if the procedures are performed in a similar manner.

Generally speaking, both procedures entail the same thing: incisions are performed on the butt or breasts, the plastic surgeon cuts through the tissues to get to the suitable placement of the implants, and this is where pockets are created. The pockets need to accommodate the implants perfectly. Otherwise, complications can occur in both cases. If the pockets are not exactly the right size, the implants might shift in their pockets, and this could lead to an unaesthetic result and even the need to undergo revision surgery to correct the issue. 

When it comes to butt implants, the placement of the implants is either inside the gluteal muscles or under the muscles. For breast implants, the location is either behind the pectoral muscles or the mammary gland. In other words, the procedures are very similar in terms of the surgical plan to be followed. However, this doesn’t mean that a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implants will necessarily achieve spectacular results with butt implants. The reality is that even if the procedures are very alike, the areas of the body targeted are very different and require a different type of attention. 

The plastic surgeon performing the incisions on the breasts needs to be very careful about their length and placement as the breasts are an area where the incisions can be noticed. The incisions performed for butt implants are not as important from this point of view as they are positioned in an area where they are masked by the natural fold between the buttocks. So even if the patient is wearing just panties or swimsuits, it will be difficult to notice the scars after butt implant surgery, especially if the cicatrization process went smoothly. 

Working with breast implants is not the same as working with butt implants as the two types of implants are very different. While breast implants tend to be soft and smooth, butt implants resemble more like chunks of silicone. Breast implants can be made out of silicone gel or saline solution, while gluteal implants are only made out of a thick, highly cohesive silicone gel. The implants feel more like the areas where they are meant to be used to the touch. Keep in mind that special attention needs to be paid to the hygiene at the incision site after butt implant surgery. 


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