Benefits of breast augmentation

Benefits of breast augmentation

24th May 2017

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to improve the size and shape of one’s breasts. It is usually considered as a cosmetic surgery as it makes use of implants of different sizes in order to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing breast shape and size in relation to the body frame of the patient.

Breast augmentation brings a positive change in appearance, giving a boost of self-confidence. Patients do not need to have overly large implants to look great; in fact, many women become happy with natural looking breasts after the procedure and are even inspired to live a healthier lifestyle to achieve a sexier body.

Studies show that patient satisfaction after breast augmentation go hand-in-hand with their expectations. It is important for patients to have a thorough consultation with their surgeons in order to establish realistic expectations after the procedure.

Breast augmentation does not only improve small breast size (micromastia), but it also corrects asymmetrical breasts. It is also popularly included in the “mommy makeover,” especially for patients who have just given birth. Due to pregnancy and lactation, the breast can increase in size but return to normal after nursing. This may make some women feel like their breasts have deflated due to lost volume and sagging skin. Breast augmentation returns the breast to its original, plump state.

Overall, the confidence boost that breast augmentation brings makes women feel more capable and empowered. The happiness and satisfaction they get from their enhanced appearance improves their outlook in life, allowing them to have a better relationship with others.


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