Botched butt implant surgery

Botched butt implant surgery

11th Sep 2019


Over the last decade, we keep seeing stories of botched butt implant surgery all over the media. A simple search online can lead to real-life horrors and patients going through incredible traumas due to unsuccessful plastic surgery procedures performed on the buttocks. In a vast majority of cases, we are talking about silicone injections or other types of illegal procedures performed by people who are not medical professionals. There are people suffering from serious injury now due to having cement, super glue, industrial silicone, and other substances inserted into their buttocks. The complications can be beyond our understanding, and the risk on the patient’s life is enormous. However, even when butt implant surgery is performed, the results can be completely unsatisfactory. There are several different things that can create botched results after butt implant surgery, such as the lack of experience of the plastic surgeon, undergoing the procedure in a country outside the United States, and inserting breast implants into the buttocks.

First, let’s discuss the experience of the plastic surgeon. This is an important aspect that should be considered as the plastic surgeon has to guide you in choosing the best type of implants for your particular case and also insert those implants to create beautiful results. When an inexperienced plastic surgeon performs this kind of procedure, patients often end up with asymmetries and a projection that is too obvious. We had patients coming in for revision after a botched butt implant surgery, and often they complained about the appearance of their butt that looked like a frisbee was inside. The results of butt implant surgery should look and feel natural, and this is how we can tell if a procedure was successful or not. If an excessive projection of the buttocks that looks unnatural occurs, undergoing revision surgery is often required to correct it.

Undergoing plastic surgery outside the United States might look like a great idea considering the low costs offered abroad; however, in a vast majority of cases, these are countries with low health and medical standards and also a minimal grasp of the language. When undergoing plastic surgery abroad, there is no health insurance you can benefit from in case complications occur and also you don’t know the quality of the implants used. In the United States, the implants we use are FDA-approved, so they are considered safe for the patient.

Using breast implants to increase the size of the buttocks is unwise and not safe as breast implants can easily rupture when put under the pressure that frequently occurs on the buttocks. Butt implants are especially created to withstand enormous pressure without rupturing. They are semi-solid compared to breast implants that have a completely different consistency and texture as they are meant to simulate breast tissue and not the butt tissue. 


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