Breast lift with no implant

04th Oct 2018

The Wonder breast lift is a unique and most effective breast lift surgery. Developed by world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Wilberto Cortes, the procedure delivers long-lasting and impressive results. Many people ask what the advantages of the Wonder breast lift are and how the surgery is different from the standard breast lift.
The Wonder breast lift comes with more benefits than the traditional breast lift. First of all, it not only makes the breasts firmer and youthful but also reshapes the breasts, with the goal to improve their overall aesthetic outline and definition. Secondly, the results of the standard breast lift are temporary in most cases. As you age, your breasts will become saggy again.
On the other hand, the results of the Wonder breast lift are permanent. When suturing the breasts, the plastic surgeon not only uses your skin but also the surrounding tissue, ligaments, and chest wall muscles to keep your newly contoured breasts in place. This provides robust support to the breasts, which wards off the effects of gravity, physical movements, and aging.
The Wonder breast lift surgery has been developed with the goal to not only make your saggy breasts firmer but also to reconstruct and reform your overall breast, so they look aesthetically pleasant, perky, smooth, and sexy. During the surgery, the surgeon will redistribute the breast tissues and mold the breasts in a way that helps deliver you the desired improvements. It involves the use of complex surgical techniques and a high sense of aesthetics and artistry of the female body. Not all plastic surgeons can perform the Wonder breast lift. When choosing a plastic surgeon, be sure to ask how experienced he or she is in the Wonder breast lift surgery.
Following the Wonder breast lift, your breasts will appear firmer, youthful, sexy, raised, and sensuous. Some of the results will be visible immediately after the surgery, but the complete outcome of the surgery will evolve. The results will remain with you for many decades. Even though aging, gravity, weight gain, etc. may somehow affect the results after ten or so years, your breasts will still look younger, firmer, and aesthetically appealing. To help your breasts stay in shape permanently after the Wonder breast lift, be sure to maintain a good lifestyle and avoid considerable weight changes.

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