Breast surgery: tests to do before the procedure

Breast surgery: tests to do before the procedure

21st Apr 2019

Breast surgery: Tests to do before the procedure


There are many patients who undergo plastic surgery without really understanding what’s going to happen during and after the procedure. This is the case of patients who often experience complications or unsatisfactory results due to improper pre-operative preparation and post-operative protocol. Plastic surgery, especially on the breasts, shouldn’t be done in a country where you don’t even know the plastic surgeon or his qualifications. Moreover, it is important to undergo some tests before breast enhancement procedures to rule out potential contraindications and make sure you are in the best shape for surgery. No patient should undergo breast enhancement procedures without taking the tests. These are important for your health and well-being, and this should be your main concern, even before the aesthetic issues.


A responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will have respect for the patient’s life and well-being and should refuse to operate on patients who don’t take all the tests recommended for the breast enhancement procedure. The tests are mandatory and very important, such as:


  1.    Mammary echography or mammography for patients over 40 years old

The plastic surgeon must know every detail about the structure of the breasts before doing a breast enhancement procedure. If there are lesions or formations on the breasts, they need to be identified, diagnosed and treated (if necessary) before even considering breast enhancement surgery. This is an important test for women interested in undergoing any type of breast enhancement procedure, and the plastic surgeon should see the results before the procedure is performed.


  1.    Blood tests

Routine blood tests are required before any type of surgery. Depending on the patient’s health condition, the tests required might be different. The blood tests are necessary to tell the plastic surgeon if you have diabetes and how is your blood coagulation factor, among other things.


It is important to understand that generally speaking, any woman can benefit from breast enhancement surgery. However, it is essential to discuss your particular medical condition with the plastic surgeon before the surgery. Even patients with chronic conditions can undergo breast surgery, as long as they are stable and their doctor gives the consent for plastic surgery. An honest and open conversation with the plastic surgeon is the key to a successful plastic surgery procedure.


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