Common issues of patients undergoing plastic surgery abroad

Common issues of patients undergoing plastic surgery abroad

25th Oct 2019

Common issues of patients undergoing plastic surgery abroad


There are two main reasons why patients choose to undergo plastic surgery abroad. The first is about reducing the costs as often, the same procedure is much cheaper outside the United States than when performed by a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon in the US. The second is the idea that the patient can enhance the body while enjoying some time in an exotic location. 

The reality is that many agencies that promote and sell packages for plastic surgery abroad focus on advertising this 2-in-1 holiday theme. However, it is only a person who is unaware of the risks and potential complications of a surgical procedure and also what the recovery period entails that can find these reasons enough motivation to undergo plastic surgery abroad.

The reality is that the procedures are much cheaper abroad because such countries often lack the medical standards that are available in the US. Moreover, in the US the activity of the plastic surgeon is supervised, and there are strict rules for what is legal and what is not. These rules and standards are often non-existent in countries with lower medical standards. 

Among the common issues that patients undergoing plastic surgery abroad have been confronted with are not knowing what to expect in terms of the details of the surgery and the post-operative period. Often, there is no pre-operative preparation, the patient flies or drives there, and undergoes surgery the next day. This means that often, the necessary steps have not been taken such as a cessation of smoking at least three to six weeks before the procedure, avoiding anti-inflammatory medication 2 weeks before the surgery, and stopping the birth control treatment a month before the procedure. Aside from this, there is no real connection to be formed with the plastic surgeon as in some cases, the patient doesn’t even really get to meet him properly, or he doesn’t even speak English. 

The patients will often stay for a few more days in a hotel room when the procedures are performed abroad and after this is the time to take the long trip home. Traveling back from Thailand to the US a few days after having breast or butt implants inserted can be a real struggle, not to mention a very painful and uncomfortable affair. Even after the return home, there are still other challenges to be faced. For example, what happens if complications occur after the procedure? Patients confronted with complications will end up looking for a plastic surgeon in the United States who might not be excited to see you after having a botched procedure abroad. Keep in mind that when it comes to plastic surgery, it is much more difficult to correct something that was done wrong the first time than to do it right the first time. 

The follow-up consultations are important after plastic surgery, and if you are undergoing plastic surgery abroad, you won’t have someone to monitor the healing process.


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