Complications of breast implant surgery and solutions for them

Complications of breast implant surgery and solutions for them

29th Jun 2016

In any surgery, there is a chance of complications, and breast implant surgery is not an exception. The complications may happen during the breast implant procedure itself, or they may occur after the procedure.

Capsule contracture

When you get a breast implant, the natural healing process of your body will form a pod of scar tissue at the surgical site. As time passes, the scar tissue will start to contract. How fast and how intensely the scar tissue contracts differs from person to person.

Some breast implant patients may experience a very slow and gradual contraction of the scar tissue. In others, the scar may stiffen, making your breasts feel rigid. Pain and discomfort often accompany scar tissue contraction. If it becomes symptomatic, then it needs to be treated with surgery.

Rupture of breast implant

Your breast implant may break, necessitating removal or replacement of the implant. This can occur as the implant’s external casing becomes weaker with the passage of time. It can also happen when you go to an inexperienced and unqualified plastic surgeon who accidentally damages the implant during the surgery. Other reasons include a defect in the implant or injury of the breast.

When rupture occurs, the only way it can be treated is by removing and replacing the implant with a new one. Remember, if you see lumps, soreness, or bulging at or around the implant site, make sure to see your surgeon immediately. If you have a silicone implant and it breaks, you may be required to undergo another surgery for removal of the ruptured implant.


Seroma is a common condition that happens when fluids accumulate at your implant site. If the situation becomes persistent, it can be treated with an additional surgery to drain away the collected fluids.


After breast implant surgery, you will have scar tissue at the surgical site, as a result of your body’s natural healing process. When the scarring is intense, it may create uncomfortable itching and appear ugly, uneven, and heavy. Scars will gradually fade, but will not fully vanish. In some cases, it may take years for the scarring to diminish.

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