Dermabond for breast surgery

Dermabond for breast surgery

21st Dec 2016

During a breast augmentation, an incision is made to insert the implant. The implant is placed either above or below the muscle, and then the incision is closed in multiple layers. Once the incision is closed, I like to use a product called Dermabond, which is like a liquid suture. I do not necessarily use it to actually close the incision, but it is very convenient because it covers the incision to help prevent infections within the first days after surgery. It acts like a dressing, seals the area, keeps it sterile once the healing process starts within 24 hours, and prevents bacteria from invading the incision. The convenient thing is that because it acts like a surgical dressing, you will be able to take a shower right after surgery without being concerned that the incision might get infected.

The Dermabond product stays on for maybe a week or so and then will peel off by itself. In the event that it causes any irritation of the skin, a nurse or your physician can easily remove it. Dermabond is a wonderful product that does not add a significant amount of cost to the surgery itself, and it will help you resume your daily activities such as showering without worrying that the incision needs to be taken care of on a daily basis.

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