Diet dos and don’ts before plastic surgery

Diet dos and don’ts before plastic surgery

15th Aug 2019

Diet dos and don’ts before plastic surgery


Before discussing the details with the plastic surgeon, few people understand the need to have a balanced and healthy diet before surgery. It is important to know that the diet we adopt before surgery can significantly influence the recovery process and make it longer or shorter. Here are some diet dos and don’ts before plastic surgery:

–    Have a diet rich in proteins and fibers

Having a diet that is rich in good quality proteins and fibers will help you have a shorter recovery process and your body to heal faster. The body needs good quality food to prepare for the surgical trauma that will occur. The plastic surgeon will mention that the procedure should only be performed on patients in top health condition. This means that a month before the surgery, you should watch your diet and make sure to have enough proteins and fibers. The fibers in the diet will help with the intestinal transit and fight constipation that can sometimes occur after surgery. 

–    Don’t overeat

There are patients wanting to undergo plastic surgery who believe that before surgery, they can eat as much as they want because the plastic surgeon will take the fat out. This is a myth and it is important for patients to not overeat before a plastic surgery procedure. Weight fluctuations are one of the factors that can damage the appearance of the body the most when they occur. They can have an impact on different features of the body such as the breasts accelerating breast sagginess and the tummy, creating the premises for an unsightly abdomen. 

–    Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Some patients prefer to take natural supplements as their diets don’t include enough vitamins and minerals. Since the plastic surgeon will advise you to stop the administration of natural supplements at least two weeks before the procedure, you can start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. They have plenty of fibers and also a good amount of vitamins and minerals that will help your body heal faster.

–    Don’t follow a strict diet

Following a strict diet is just as frowned upon as overeating before a plastic surgery procedure. Patients tend to believe that dieting will only emphasize the results, but this can actually be detrimental to the recovery process that could take longer because the body lacks the necessary nutrients. A diet that is very restrictive in terms of caloric intake should also be avoided as it can trigger weight loss before surgery. The recommendation is to have the procedure only if you are of normal weight and have managed to maintain that weight for at least eight months before the procedure is scheduled.


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