Difference between wonder breast augmentation and traditional breast augmentation

Difference between wonder breast augmentation and traditional breast augmentation

12th May 2018

The hourglass body, which was once limited to celebrities, has gone mainstream. Thousands of women are going under the knife each year to achieve the most revered body shape of all time. While the hourglass body has historically remained a trend among women, there has never been so much excitement about this figure.

The hourglass shape features butts and hips of the same size, with a narrow waist, perky breasts, and killer curves. Unfortunately, only a few women in every thousand naturally have this body shape. Those who desire to have the hourglass body often decide to go under surgery. There are a number of plastic surgery procedures to achieve this, the most commonly performed being the hourglass tummy tuck. During this procedure, the waist is slimmed down using liposuction. The excess skin and fat tissues are removed from the abdominal area and the fat collected is reinjected at the hips to provide an improved waist to hip ratio. But a beautiful, curvaceous body is not complete without big, shapely and voluptuous breasts.

The traditional breast augmentation is a procedure that makes the breasts appear fuller. The procedure involves the use of breast implants or your own body fat to give you the desired outcome. The goal of the traditional method is to make your breasts appear bigger.

So, how is the wonder breast augmentation different from the traditional approach? Well, this procedure focuses on your chest dimensions and contour. The implant size or volume of fat is then decided based on these factors. Remember, considering the hourglass shape, excessively large breasts are not always better. Your breasts need to accentuate your overall hourglass figure and be proportionate to the rest of your body.

If you have excess fat in your abdomen, sides, and flanks, you may qualify for breast augmentation with fat. This means that aside from using implants to increase the size of your breasts, the plastic surgeon might also transfer some fat on that area. Using fat transfer together with implants can deliver impressive results and also give the breasts an amazing shape while avoiding the side effects of implant surgery such as rippling and implant visibility.


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