Fat transfer used with butt implants

Fat transfer used with butt implants

13th Nov 2018

If you ever thought about changing the shape of your buttocks by enhancing their volume, you will be given two solutions: either using the fat transfer method or adding gluteal implants. However in some cases, both of them are used to improve your buttock aesthetics. If your body has enough fat deposits that can be extracted, your doctor will remove them and add it around your implants after insertion. This will basically create a softer area around the implant and also create better support for your implants. It is actually a great solution when the patient wants to get rid of any fat deposits around different areas, especially around the abdomen.

Fat removal process

Any fat deposits will be extracted using liposuction. A small tube called a cannula will dislocate and suction pockets of fat, after which the fat deposits are purified. This is also known as “fat processing.” Basically, not all the fat extracted will be used in the process. Some selective process will be used before injection, and only the best fat cells can be used in the process. Around 25% fat cells are used to be injected around your implants. In order for your doctor to avoid any pulmonary fat embolism when reinjecting the fat cells, he will try to avoid deep muscular penetration where major blood vessels are found.

Who is a good candidate?

In general patients with enough excess fat around their body, but still not enough fat deposits for a full augmentation using only fat transfer. As previously stated, only a small percentage from the extracted fat can be used, so not everyone is a good candidate for this type of procedure. Also, people with low blood pressure, diabetes, or pulmonary conditions should avoid this type of procedure.


Using your own fat deposits, your body will adapt faster to your new implants. Also, as the implants will be sustained by fat pockets, there is less risk of rupture in case massive pressure is applied on the implants. Your recovery period can be shortened, and you will feel less discomfort around the area. Any fat excess around your hips can be removed, giving you a better overall shape while reshaping your buttocks. The augmentation in general will have a better, natural shape.

However, many people tend to confuse the Brazilian butt lift with butt implants. What you need to know is that these are two different procedures, and even if some implants will require some fat transfer, a Brazilian butt lift is made specifically only with fat transfer.

As your body will get foreign objects inserted, butt implants might be visible if there is not enough tissue coverage. This is where fat transfer can help to make it look more natural. Your surgeon is the one to guide you through this process, and as long as you are in safe hands, the process will run smoothly.

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