Goals Of Plastic Surgery

Goals Of Plastic Surgery

31st Jan 2019

Goals Of Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery can be a necessity when it comes to remodeling abnormal structures of the body or it can be performed for strictly aesthetic reasons. Whatever the reason might be, undergoing plastic surgery can be a difficult decision to make. When considering a plastic surgery procedure, it is essential to be fully aware of not only the benefits, but also the risks and possible complications that can occur.

While plastic surgery is widely performed on a daily basis all over the world, there are still discussions about what the goals of plastic surgery are. Some people tend to see procedures such as liposuction and tummy suck as a means to get rid of excessive weight.

The goals of plastic surgery are not the same as the goals of bariatric surgery. While bariatric surgery aims to create premises that will allow the patient to lose a considerable amount of weight in a shorter or longer period of time, plastic surgery works differently. Even procedures that are known to be effective in improving the appearance of the body and slimming it are not a treatment for obesity or people who are overweight. Plastic surgery comes to refine the results achieved with bariatric surgery or other weight loss methods by enhancing the contours of the body after weight loss. But weight loss is not a goal of plastic surgery, whatever procedure the patient might have in mind.

What is actually a goal of plastic surgery is to correct body features and create a harmonious profile for the patient. Patients with very small breasts or the opposite can notice a significant increase in the quality of life after undergoing a plastic surgery procedure that will make the breasts more in line with the rest of their anatomy.

A more youthful appearance can be another goal of plastic surgery. Many patients choose plastic surgery to eliminate the signs of aging from the face and/or body.

Plastic surgery also allows for a more radical remodeling of the body and even improving body shape. Women with different body shapes can choose hourglass procedures to get closer to the most revered body shape, which is the hourglass silhouette. When these procedures are performed, it usually involves a combination of liposuction and fat transfer to create volumes in all the right places.

Another important goal of plastic surgery is also to help mothers get their pre-pregnancy body back. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can put a woman’s body through tremendous changes, and most women find it difficult to get back to their initial shape and size even years after they have given birth. Plastic surgery can help them with a set of procedures called the Mommy Makeover. The procedures included are often a breast lift with or without implants, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. Depending from case to case, other procedures might be required as well.


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