How to help someone after getting plastic surgery

How to help someone after getting plastic surgery

21st Aug 2019

How to help someone after getting plastic surgery


Even if most people resort to plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of their body, this doesn’t mean that these procedures are any different than any other surgery. This means that after the procedure, the patient will be discharged from the medical facility or hospital with clear post-operative instructions that need to be followed to the letter. There is a strict protocol to keep the patient safe during the recovery period by minimizing the risks of developing a complication while also maximizing the chances of achieving the best results possible. 

It is even from the pre-operative consultation that the future patient finds out that there will be restrictions and limitations after the procedure. This means that for a certain amount of time, activities that were performed before surgery will be off limits. In many cases, this includes driving, lifting heavy objects from the floor (in case of breast enhancement procedures or tummy tuck), and generally speaking any type of intense physical activity. For a few days after a complex plastic surgery procedure such as the hourglass tummy tuck, butt, or breast augmentation, the patient is advised to avoid physical efforts. This means that even activities such as cooking dinner or cleaning the house are to be avoided during the first few days of the recovery period. 

Immediately after the return from the medical facility, the patient might find it difficult even to get in and out of bed and to have a shower. This is often the case when major procedures have been performed. 

Patients undergoing plastic surgery are advised to have someone helping them around the house for at least 24 to 72 hours after the procedure. When it comes to other types of surgeries performed for health and not aesthetic purposes, the patient often spends these hours in the hospital, but when it comes to plastic surgery, there is rarely the need for a hospitalization period longer than a few hours. 

If you are wondering how to help someone after getting plastic surgery, you can drive her home from the hospital and spend the next few days together. During this time you should look for potential signs of infection and also do chores around the house such as cooking, cleaning or taking care of the kids. The patient is advised to get as much rest as possible, but also to walk around the room every couple of hours to avoid the formation of blood clots. Helping the patient in and out of bed might also be very much appreciated during this time. Proving encouragement and support is another thing that you can do to help the patient after getting plastic surgery and always keep a positive attitude.


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