A natural plastic surgery: fat transfer to the butt

A natural plastic surgery: fat transfer to the butt

23rd Aug 2019

Nowadays more and more people resort to plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of certain features of the body or to achieve a harmony of proportions. Having buttocks that are underdeveloped for the anatomy of the patient can be considered an aesthetic flaw, one that is easily corrected in modern times with the help of plastic surgery. When it comes to the procedures that have seen a considerable rise in demand over the last year, we can’t help but notice that it is the so-called “natural” plastic surgery procedures that have become more and more interesting to patients. These natural methods don’t entail the use of external prostheses to deliver an augmentation and also have the benefit of all-natural results in terms of feel and look.

Fat transfer to the butt is one of these natural plastic surgery procedures that can be performed to enhance the appearance of the butt. It is important to understand that these methods only address patients with an underlying layer of fat that can be treated with liposuction. In other words, to be eligible to get a natural enhancement of the buttocks, the patient needs to have unwanted fat pockets in other areas of the body. The fat collected with liposuction should be enough to achieve a good result for the fat transfer. This is something that the plastic surgeon needs to assess during the pre-operative consultation.

During this initial meeting with your plastic surgeon, your whole anatomy will be assessed, as well as your height and weight. It is also very important to mention that the procedure should only be performed on patients of a normal weight who have had that weight for a minimum of eight months or more. If you are overweight or plan to lose or gain more weight in the future, fat transfer is not the optimal solution as the results of the procedure are impacted by weight fluctuations. In other words, if you lose weight after fat transfer, your buttocks will get smaller and negate the results achieved. If you gain weight after the procedure, your buttocks might get even bigger. When performing the procedure, the plastic surgeon will keep a balance and calculate the fat injections as to provide an aesthetically pleasing result. Any weight fluctuation that is more than 2 kg per month can alter this result.

Also, keep in mind that it is not uncommon for the plastic surgeon to advise you to gain some weight to be eligible if you don’t have enough fat in the donor areas to get a good result. Usually, we are talking no more than 5 kg that will be eliminated with liposuction before fat transfer is performed.

Make sure to choose a plastic surgeon who is both board-certified and highly versed in performing fat transfer if you want to get the best results possible.

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