Plastic surgery fails

Plastic surgery fails

12th Sep 2020

All over the world, there are people undergoing plastic surgery every day. The main reasons behind resorting to plastic surgery are to correct physical defects that have an impact on the patient’s quality of life but also to look better. While undergoing plastic surgery has improved the lives of many patients, there are some plastic surgery fails that can make people even a bit reluctant to think about undergoing any procedure. 

Plastic surgery is performed to enhance the physical appearance of the patient, to help her achieve harmonious features, or even gain more mobility. But when things are taken to the extreme, the results can end up looking quite grotesque. Plastic surgery fails affect both normal people and celebrities, and we have plenty of cases to support this theory. 

Reasons why plastic surgery fails

1.    The patient suffers from body dysmorphia

More and more nowadays, we see patients suffering from body dysmorphia that end up with a botched appearance after undergoing plastic surgery. In this case, the patient wants to improve an area of the body or correct some imperfections that are not really there by industry standards. A responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will be able to discover these patients who don’t have a realistic image of their own body, and in a vast majority of cases, they will be turned down from undergoing plastic surgery. 

2.    Patient has unrealistic expectations from the surgery

Often, this is the case of patients who want to look like a celebrity or have a specific requirement from the surgery that can’t be achieved with the procedure. Often, we are talking about asking for Angelina Jolie’s lips or Kim Kardashian’s buttocks, as well as many others. Patients need to understand that the results of plastic surgery are highly dependent on the overall anatomy of the patient and the initial condition and appearance of the area to be operated on. Even if the plastic surgeon might help you get buttocks similar to a celebrity, this doesn’t mean that you will look exactly like her as your anatomy is different. Trying to achieve the look of another person is not a good plastic surgery goal, and a responsible plastic surgeon will advise the patient to rethink undergoing plastic surgery or redefine her goals. 

3.    Repeated unnecessary plastic surgery procedures in the same area

When the patient doesn’t understand from the very beginning what can be achieved with the procedure she wants to pursue, the result can be repeated procedures in the same area, often entirely unnecessary. This often happens in the case of breast enhancement when the patient has a certain goal in mind but difficulties in explaining it to the plastic surgeon. After undergoing several procedures in the same area in a few years, the results can be disastrous and grotesque. Keep in mind that the more we work with the same tissues, chances are they will lose their initial appearance and properties.

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