Plastic surgery options for body remodeling

Plastic surgery options for body remodeling

05th Oct 2018

It is not uncommon for people who exercise regularly and eat healthy and balanced to still be confronted with body image issues caused by fat accumulation or saggy skin in different parts of the body. The good news is that there are plenty of plastic surgery options for patients interested in body remodeling.

Most patients are interested in changing or improving the contours of their bodies to look younger or more fit and to eliminate the signs of aging. But body remodeling procedures can also be used to enhance features of the body such as the breasts, hips or buttocks.

An option that provides great results for body remodeling is using liposuction in combination with fat transfer. These procedures can change the body in more than one way, affecting multiple areas during the same intervention. This means that in one sitting you can get a firmer tummy area (with lipo) and curvaceous hips (with fat transfer to the hips). What happens when these procedures are combined is that we extract the fat from areas where it is in excess, we process it, and the healthy and pure fat cells are re-injected in areas that could use a boost of volume.

Even with just a simple liposuction intervention, we can change the contours of the body and make the patient look younger and fitter, especially if the fat deposits are in the middle area of the body (abdomen and flanks).

When considering body remodeling procedures to correct saggy skin, we have the thigh and arm lift surgery. Bat wing arms can be corrected using the arm lift surgery and thus recreating the contours of the upper part of the arms. At the same time, the delicate and sensitive skin on the thighs can start sagging early in life, causing skin folds and a deformation of the shape of the thighs. When the thigh lift is performed, the appearance of the lower part of the body is much improved.

When considering plastic surgery for body remodeling, it is essential to discuss all the options with your plastic surgeon who is the only one able to decide whether you are an eligible candidate for the procedure or not. At the same time, he will explain to you in detail why a specific procedure is recommended for you and why you should completely avoid others. For example, patients who are overweight or have a poor skin condition should avoid undergoing a liposuction intervention as the results might not be satisfactory. Skin retraction is essential for the success of the liposuction procedure; this means that additional surgical interventions such as a lift are required to achieve the desired aesthetic result.

For fat transfer procedures, the prerequisite condition is for the patient to have adipose tissue in other areas of the body from where the plastic surgeon can collect it. Patients who don’t have any or enough fat pockets can’t undergo the procedure as it can only be performed with the patient’s own fat.

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