A Primer on Breast Augmentation

A Primer on Breast Augmentation

20th Jan 2014

Houston Breast Augmentation - Dr. CortesWhy do a lot of women want big breasts and choose to go under the knife? Simple. Breast augmentation improves level of confidence, makes them more feminine, adds to their appeal, and helps attract men. No wonder breast augmentation has become one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures.

The thought of having big breasts can be very enticing. But before you go through the procedure, you should have a clear understanding of how it is done and find out if you are the right candidate.

Who is the perfect candidate?

Your interest alone does not make you the perfect candidate for breast augmentation. Your age as well as your overall state of health plays an essential role too. If you have an active infection, chronic medical condition, are currently pregnant or lactating, breast augmentation may have to be delayed. It is not only your overall health that counts, but also the capacity of your body to heal.

How is it done?

After anaesthesia induction, an incision is made behind each breast. This is the pocket where implants are inserted. Once the surgeon ensures that implants are properly placed, incisions are closed.

What are the different techniques?

The most common technique is creating an incision on the lower portion of the breast. It gives the most direct access and the best control. Next is making an incision around the darker skin that surrounds the nipple. An incision can also be made in the belly button to prevent the formation of scars in the breast area. Last is creating an incision on the axilla. Considering that patients have different needs, the plastic surgeon identifies the technique to be followed only after a thorough consultation.

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