Resuming daily activities after breast surgery

Resuming daily activities after breast surgery

06th Nov 2019


When Mother Nature is not generous enough in the breasts department, many women end up suffering from emotional complexes caused by the overly small size of their breasts. Since the beginning of time, people have associated breasts with femininity, motherhood, and even sex appeal. Not having breasts proportionate to the rest of the woman’s anatomy can trigger significant emotional discomfort.

Nowadays breast enhancement performed either with the help of implants or fat transfer come to help women who want to have bigger breasts. The procedure takes no longer than two hours to be performed, and it requires another few hours of hospitalization until the patient recovers from the effects of the general anesthesia. After waking up and being able to move around, the patient is discharged from the medical facility or hospital. This means that during the same day the patient can return home and start the recovery process in the comfort of her home.

Even if getting implants or fat transfer takes no longer than a few hours, this doesn’t mean that the patient can go and parade her new breasts the next day. The recovery period takes about two weeks for most patients. During this time, there are certain instructions that need to be followed to the letter and the patient needs to adopt a certain behavior. The plastic surgeon will give you recommendations about when activities can be resumed after the surgery. 

It is important to understand that after breast augmentation, there will be a period of about a month during which lifting heavy objects from the ground and certain arm movements are to be completely avoided, especially if implants have been used and inserted under the pectoral muscle. This means that resuming daily activities needs to happen slowly and gradually. Some patients might discover that they can start resuming many things a little earlier, even in the same week, while others will prefer to resume most activities in the second week. 

To help you resume daily activities, make sure to reduce the level of pain and discomfort by taking the pain medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon. When pain is kept under control, the patient will feel more able to do things; however, it is important not to overdo it as pain doesn’t necessarily occur when the activity is performed. It can also appear overnight as a result of the activities performed during the day.

Most of the daily activities can be resumed before the end of the second week post-op. If something feels uncomfortable or painful, make sure to either discuss it with your plastic surgeon or wait another few days before resuming that activity. 


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