Resuming sex after breast augmentation surgery

Resuming sex after breast augmentation surgery

14th Jan 2019

Resuming Sex After Breast Augmentation Surgery


Nowadays there is a simple solution to get the breasts you have always wanted. Breast augmentation delivers permanent results and a considerable increase in the size of the breasts that happen practically overnight. However, this doesn’t mean that after getting breast implants you can just go home and resume all your activities like after getting a haircut.

The breast augmentation procedure can be performed with the use of implants that are made either out of silicone or saline solution or with fat grafting. The procedures are performed using different methods and the results vary from patient to patient depending on their initial anatomy, structure of the breast tissue, and their goals.

Even if the patient is allowed to leave after surgery within hours after waking up, there is a recovery period that follows. The recovery after breast augmentation is often shorter than two weeks; however, during this time the patient is advised to rest, have a balanced eating regimen and avoid intense physical activities, especially ones involving the muscles of the chest and arms.

Before scheduling surgery, many patients want to know when they can resume sex after the procedure. The question is justified considering the fact that many women want to undergo the procedure to feel better about themselves and more fulfilled intimately.

At the beginning of the recovery period, the breasts will be swollen, bruised and covered in bandages. A special bra is mandatory to be worn non-stop during the first two weeks after the procedure and even after, according to the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. Moreover, it is natural for the patient to experience discomfort, tightness, and pressure on the breasts and even pain for a few days after the procedure. Analgesic medication will alleviate the discomfort, so make sure to take it as per the doctor’s orders.

Because the body is healing after the surgical trauma, most patients will notice that their sex drive is low during the recovery period. But more than this, it is important to keep in mind that intense activities are to be avoided for at least a month after the procedure, especially if implants were used. In other words, your plastic surgeon might advise you to postpone resuming sex after breast augmentation surgery for at least a month.

After the incisions are closed and if no complications occur, the patient can start resuming sex, with the recommendation to take it slow and gradually and avoid any pressure on the breasts. Pressure applied on the breasts during the first stages of the recovery or before the wounds have healed can result in wound opening and also the shifting or migration of the implant. These are complications that can be otherwise avoided.

Keep in mind that after surgery, the breasts might be high on the chest wall for a few months, giving you the appearance of a bodybuilder. The breasts will descend to a more natural position over time.


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