Sensitive breasts after breast augmentation

Sensitive breasts after breast augmentation

30th Dec 2018

Sensitive Breasts After Breast Augmentation


Like any other surgery, there are side effects of going through breast augmentation surgery. One of them is having sensitive breasts after breast augmentation. Similarly, some may also experience the opposite, which is numbness of the breast after the surgery.

With a breast augmentation surgery, implants will be inserted in the breasts to make them appear bigger. In this process, the breast tissues, chest muscles, and skin all need to adjust to accommodate the implants added.

The nerves are also affected in the process, and this is the reason why a patient can observe changes in breast sensitivity after augmentation. Although surgeons are careful about the incisions, it is still possible for the nerves to get damaged because of the procedure.

When the nerves are cut, it is possible to feel numbness in the breasts. It is also possible that instead of numbness, the breasts would be overly sensitive. This would continue until such time that the nerves have healed.

It is also possible to feel a change in the sensitivity of the breast even if the nerves are not cut but only pushed. The pressure brought about by implants can cause this.

The sensitivity of the breast extends up to the nipple area. It is even more common for patients to feel changes in the sensitivity of their nipples rather than the larger area of their breast. The reason why this occurs is the same as with breast sensitivity. The changes in sensitivity are usually temporary and return back to normal as the patient heals from the surgery. In rare cases, it is also possible that the oversensitivity or numbness of the breasts are permanent.

Having sensitive breasts after surgery is a risk taken by women who go for a breast augmentation surgery. In case it happens to you, there is really nothing that can be done but to wait for the nerves to heal themselves and fix the damage so that normal sensitivity will go back. While waiting for your nerves to heal, you can do the following:

– Take prescribed pain medications: As pain is to be expected, the sensitive breast can be too much that they can feel painful. One way to make yourself more comfortable is to drink the prescribed medicine as scheduled.

–   Wear soft and smooth clothing: When choosing clothes to wear, it is best to choose ones that would cause the least amount of friction when it touches or rubs on your breasts.

–   Cover the nipples: If you want to prevent friction from your nipples and clothing, you can cover up your nipples to lessen the chance of clothing from touching them. You can make use of gauze pads, larger plasters, or those that are specifically made for nipples.

–   Massage the breasts: Massaging the outer side of the breasts can help release the compressed nerves that are still stretching. This enables faster recovery of the affected nerves.


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