Shop before your plastic surgery intervention

Shop before your plastic surgery intervention

20th Oct 2017

The day of your plastic surgery is coming, and it is quite normal to feel anxious about it. You may decrease the amount of anxiety you are feeling by getting to know more about the surgery and doing things to prepare for it. Even before the surgery, there are things you should prepare in advance. These things need to be purchased so that you don’t have to the store and get your supplies while still feeling the immediate effects of your recent plastic surgery intervention.

The first thing that you need to shop for before undergoing plastic surgery is prescription medicine. Your surgeon may prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics that you will be using immediately after the surgery. It can be a chore to go to the pharmacy after your surgery on your way home. It is better and more comfortable for you if you purchase them in advance. You can also include a mild laxative or stool softener to help you counter constipation that pain medication may result into.

You should also shop for bandages, sterile gauze pads and cleaning agents that you will use to clean the wound to prevent infection. It is important to have an ample supply of these to make sure that your wound is properly dressed. You may also buy healing sheets that you can use to help reduce the scarring of your incision.

If you still don’t have cold compress bottles or gel packs, you can shop for them in advance. This will help reduce the inflammation of some of the areas where the plastic surgery is done. The cold temperature can be very soothing, and it can be very helpful in making you feel relaxed.

Special pillows and support or compression garments should also be bought beforehand. For those who are to go through plastic surgery for their buttocks, a doughnut-shaped pillow can be very handy to make sure you don’t put pressure on the buttocks. Those who are having breast surgery can also purchase specific bras that their surgeon recommends before the surgery so that they would have something to wear after it.

You should also make sure that you shop for food and have easy to prepare dishes ready. You may stock on soft foods and juices to help you during the recovery. When you can already eat regular meals, make sure that it is easy to prepare, so you don’t have to do a lot of prep work before you create your dishes. Make sure you have lots of healthy foods for your fast recovery.

Shopping for other supplies such as your toiletries, tissues, washcloths and other supplies you need daily should also be done in advance. You have to remember that it can be very challenging for you to go out of the house after your surgery, so it is best to make sure everything is prepared. Lastly, you should also shop for things that will help you pass the time or relax. It can be boring staying in the house and doing nothing while you recover. You can purchase books or movie copies in advance to help you pass the time.

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