The real story behind getting plastic surgery

The real story behind getting plastic surgery

29th Jan 2020

The real story behind getting plastic surgery


While plastic surgery is widely available and affordable nowadays, there are plenty of myths and legends surrounding this topic. These myths are not only about what can be achieved, but also what it entails in general.

Despite the flood of information available for free online and offline, there are still people who believe that getting plastic surgery is less complicated than getting acrylic nails. You just drop by the plastic surgeon’s office and can undergo the procedure of your desire whenever and then just return to your life as it was. Things are not even remotely similar to what we have just described. 

The real story behind getting plastic surgery is that this is a process that entails preparation, accepting the risks and potential complications, and taking care during the post-operative period. Most procedures require a full recovery period of about two weeks before the patient can return to work or resume all daily activities. Intense physical activities are to be avoided for a minimum of four to six weeks, but it can be even more depending on the area targeted and the complexity of the procedure. 

Plastic surgery is still surgery, and this means that to be eligible to undergo the procedure, the patient needs to stop taking birth control pills, anti-inflammatory medication, and even natural supplements a month to two weeks before the procedure, otherwise severe complications can be triggered that could even put the life of the patient in danger.

After the procedure, the patient can experience pain and discomfort, swelling and bruising, numbing and other changes in sensitivity on the operated area as well as other side effects such as hematoma and seroma. During the recovery period, the patient must wear compression garments to reduce the swelling, avoid lying on the operated areas, and take care of the surgical incisions. Complications can occur at the beginning of the recovery period such as blood clot formation and infection, but also later on after the procedure. 

The results are visible immediately after the procedure; however, in a vast majority of cases, these are not the final results. The final results often take a minimum of six months to transpire. In other words, if someone tells you that you can have the body of your dreams within hours, don’t believe him as it will take months for the results to be final.

We see many celebrities showing off after childbirth looking amazing in a matter of a few months all with the help of plastic surgery. The Mommy Makeover procedure is indeed amazing to help new mothers get back into their pre-pregnancy shape; however, the recommendation is to wait a few months after childbirth before undergoing the procedures if you want the results to be sustainable over time. 

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