What to avoid before a breast reduction surgery

What to avoid before a breast reduction surgery

07th Sep 2018

Breast reduction surgery is performed with the aim to reduce the size of the breasts and correct any additional imperfections such as asymmetries or breast ptosis. The procedure is recommended for women of all ages, with the one condition that the mammary gland tissue needs to be fully developed before undergoing the procedure.

For patients considering going under the knife for a breast reduction, there are things that need to be avoided. Being aware of them is important for the success of your procedure as well as an uneventful and smooth recovery period.

Among the things you should be avoiding before a breast reduction are birth control pills, blood thinning medication, smoking and eating eight hours before the surgery date.

Fasting is required for at least eight hours prior to going under the knife. This is essential to avoid complications after general anesthesia that is required for the breast reduction surgery. When waking up from the anesthesia, the patient can be prone to vomiting and these secretions can be aspired into the lungs. This is why it is important to follow the doctor’s advice and not drink or eat anything for at least eight hours before surgery.

Smoking is a hot topic for debate. While everybody knows about the damaging effect it has on a person’s health, there are other effects that it can have on a patient recovering from a breast reduction surgery. Before anything else, smoking delays the wound healing process due to the lack of proper oxygenation of the tissues. And considering the fact that breast reduction surgery can require extensive surgical incisions, this can turn into severe complications such as delayed wound healing and even infections. Skin or fat tissue necrosis can also occur if the patient smokes before and after the procedure. Your surgeon will suggest you stop smoking at least two to three weeks prior to your breast reduction to achieve good results after the surgery.

When it comes to blood thinning medication, it can come from different sources, either chemical or natural. Believe it or not, even something as common as a natural garlic supplement can act as a blood thinning agent and cause excessive bleeding during breast reduction surgery. Other medications with blood thinning agents in it are certain anti-inflammatory pills such as Aspirin. Avoid taking them for at least 14 days before your breast reduction date to avoid further complications.

Many patients ask why they need to stop birth control treatment before undergoing breast reduction surgery. Birth control pills can cause blood clot formation after surgery, so it is recommended to stop taking them the month before your surgery date. If you forget to do this, make sure to tell your plastic surgeon prior to undergoing the procedure as he might decide to postpone your procedure for a later date.

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