When to get butt implant surgery

When to get butt implant surgery

19th Jan 2019

When To Get Butt Implant Surgery


Butt implant surgery aims to improve the size of the buttocks by creating a rounder, larger butt. Made of semi-solid silicone, gluteal implants give a feeling similar to well-toned muscles. Butt implant surgery is commonly performed nowadays on both male and female patients. Patients interested in undergoing butt augmentation with implants are often people who want to improve the appearance of their anatomy by getting a more impressive projection of the buttocks and thereby achieving a more harmonious body shape.

The shape and size of the buttocks can be affected by different factors. Some of them are of a congenital nature, while others are dependent on our lifestyle choices and also the natural aging process. There are patients who might have had a great looking butt in their youth but noticed that after weight fluctuations, a sedentary lifestyle and the aging process, their buttocks became flat or small compared to the rest of the anatomy. Moreover, increasing the size of the buttocks with no help from plastic surgery is a kind of a mission impossible. This is the reason why more and more patients choose butt implants to improve their appearance.

Butt implant surgery lasts approximately two hours and is often performed with the patient under general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will perform incisions either at the inferior level of the buttocks where they meet the thighs or the superior part of the intragluteal fold. The scars left by the procedure are well-hidden in the natural folds of the body; however, patients must know that the location of the incisions entails a higher risk of developing an infection after the procedure.

The plastic surgeon will create a pocket big enough to accommodate the implants. The implants can be inserted either under or inside the gluteal muscles. The results achieved are often permanent and the implants can be kept for life if no complications occur.

So when to get butt implant surgery? You can get butt implants if you are not taking any medication that is considered a contraindication for the procedure and you also have small or flat buttocks that are not proportionate to the rest of your anatomy. Butt implant surgery is also a good option for patients who have had butt trauma or accidents that can be corrected with this procedure. Butt asymmetries can also be corrected with the help of implants, but it is more common to combine this procedure with fat transfer to achieve superior results.

You should get butt implants if you are in a good emotional and physical condition and ready to face the long-term consequences that can be associated with this procedure.


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