Why some patients are denied plastic surgery

Why some patients are denied plastic surgery

20th Sep 2020

Nowadays patients resort to plastic surgery to improve their physical appearance and their lives. There are risks and potential complications associated with undergoing any type of surgery, and it is important for patients to be well aware of them before going forward with the procedure.

It is also true that some patients are denied plastic surgery and this happens more often than you might think. It is essential for a plastic surgeon to be able to listen openly and carefully to what the patient has to say during the pre-operative consultation because each patient has a specific set of expectations and also a very clear idea about her body image. While the recommendations of the plastic surgeon can be essential to achieve success, the plastic surgeon doesn’t make decisions for the patients, just suggestions that the patient should act on. But if the patient is rigid in her beliefs and refuses to follow any recommendations, a responsible, board-certified plastic surgeon can refuse to perform the procedure, denying the patient access to plastic surgery.

While there are no strict beauty criteria, there are certainly some industry standards set up as guidelines, and this is what the surgeon will have in mind when making suggestions. If the patient wants to get a result that is outside the norm, chances are he or she will be denied the procedure. 

The goal of plastic surgery is to help the patient look her best, not to help her look more like someone else. And this is another reason why the plastic surgeon might refuse to perform procedures on certain patients. Many people come to the clinic and ask to look like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez or get the buttocks of Kim Kardashian or the nose of Michael Jackson. These are not the ideal goals of plastic surgery, and the results that can be achieved are entirely dependent on the initial anatomy of the patient. This is the reason why reputable plastic surgeons refuse to perform procedures on patients who want to look like celebrities. Moreover, these procedures often don’t deliver the expected results, and the patient will be dissatisfied. 

There is also another category of patients, ones who want to undergo a procedure that is considered illegal or unsafe in the United States. They come to the office and say they know it’s done in other parts of the world and find it difficult to understand why they can’t have it here. These patients are also denied as it the procedures they want to get are often very risky and the results can’t be predicted.

Other patients that can be refused when it comes to getting plastic surgery are ones with an unrealistic image about their own bodies. If the plastic surgeon assesses that the image you have about your body is not according to reality, he might refuse to perform the procedure.

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